Rick Hurd has announced his retirement as an Independent Sales Rep for MDS effective February 29, 2020. Rick has been representing MDS for 20 years. It is safe to say that MDS is what it is today because of Rick’s strong desire and commitment to our company and our dealers; not just in South Dakota but with MDS overall. Rick was our very first factory sales rep and has laid the foundation for others to follow.

Resiliency, enthusiasm, confidence and honesty are qualities that Rick has brought and added to MDS Manufacturing. Rick has been instrumental in exhuming the understanding of value that MDS products command. Rick’s charm and ambition has gotten him through a lot of doors; but his competitiveness, empathy and passion has made him a valuable source for our dealers that continue to turn to Rick for recommendations and solutions.

MDS knows that Rick is leaving MDS in a very good spot and MDS knows that we must continue to offer the same, if not better level of service that Rick has provided. MDS is very proud of Rick and thank him for his years of unselfish service and dedication.