Bucket – Profile “E” – General Purpose and Grapples for Compact Wheel Loaders with JD 244J Coupler¹

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General Purpose Buckets - Profile "E" for JD 244J, JCB 409, Volvo L35, Komatsu Coupler for Compact Wheel Loaders Item NumberWeight
72'' - .8yd³ Struck - .95yd³ Heaped12121-6575
84'' - .9yd³ Struck - 1.1yd³ Heaped12121-7675
96'' - 1.0yd³ Struck - 1.2yd³ Heaped12121-8775
102'' - 1.1yd³ Struck - 1.35yd³ Heaped12121-85800
108'' - 1.2yd³ Struck - 1.45yd³ Heaped12121-9825
Optional Lifting Lug with Clevis & Pear RingLL-110
Optional ⅝" x 6 Bolt On Cutting Edges - Includes hardwareItem NumberWeight
72'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-586-72100
84'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-586-84100
96'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-586-96100
102'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-586-102125
108'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-586-108125
Optional 4-Tine Grapple Assembly for all Profile "E" BucketsItem NumberWeight
4-Tine Grapple AssemblyGF52-4550
5-Tine Grapple AssemblyGF52-5575
Factory Grapple Installationn/a
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