Mount Kits – Bolt On – for MDS Three (3) Bar Frame Attachments (X-treme)

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Bolt-On Mount Kits for X-treme Attachments - When sold seperatelyItem NumberWeight
ACS (American Carriage Systems)14120-X675
CAT Fusion Coupler14220-X625
CAT I.T. Coupler (Horizontal Pin Latch)12420-X375
JCB Q-Fit Coupler7420-X375
JRB 416 (JRB 500 Series) Coupler12220-X450
JRB 418 (JRB 600 Series) Coupler14020-X600
VOLVO Quick Coupler (L50, 60, 70, 90, 110)12320-X425
VOLVO Quick Coupler for L120, L150, L22015120-X600
Universal Bucket Edge Mount Kit for Pusher+ X-tremeSP-WL-UBO550
Chain Binder Kit for Universal Bucket Edge MountSP-CBK-0280
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