Tractor Double Tine / Double Bale Stabber

Hydraulic Tractor Double Tine / Double Bale Stabber 

Carry 2 Big Round Bales… Expands 12″ To Separate Bales

• Air gap for field stacking
• Minimizes bales freezing together
• Reduces Spoilage
• Allows operator to merge bales for loading truck

• One common frame
• Bolt – on mounts
• Dual slider shafts
• Capacity – 6,000 lbs.
• Tapered sockets provides maximum support for the spear
• Forged tapered tines promote easier penetration & withdrawal of the bale
• Welded hydraulic cylinder (2.5″ x 12″ x 3,000 PSI)


Tractor Double Tine / Double Round Bale Stabber

• 6000 lbs. Capacity
• Forged Steel Tine
• Fully Tapered Tines for Easier Penetration and Removal
• Tapered Socket Provides Support for Tines
• Heavy Duty 1/4″ Plate Fits All 1995 and Newer Skid Steer Models


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