Retro-Fit Grapples

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Designed to fit standard 1yd agricultural tractor loader bucketsFeatures a robust design utilizing high-strength materials

Superior clamping and holding power

4 & 5-Tine grapples available

6’ grapple opening

Grapple installation at MDS is available
for new bucket/grapple purchases for a very
nomimal fee. As low as $225. Please call.

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4-tine: GF52-4B

5-tine: GF52-5B

Weld-on brackets: 120-0484


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This grapple is designed to fit the MDS 1.0 Yd bucket shown in the guide below. If your bucket dimensions are similar to the ones in the FIGURE 1, proceed to FIGURE 3 for the dimensions to weld on the brackets. Use 3/8″ fillet weld all-around (minimum) to secure brackets to the back of your bucket. if your bucket dimensions vary from the MDS bucket, then you will not have closure on the grapple as shown below. Therefore, modifications to the grapple brackets can be made before welding. The dimensions in FIGURE 2 can be used to achieve better grapple closure.


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