MDS Pusher Plus Tractor Pusher Attachment

tractor pusher attachment

The MDS PUSHER + is one of our hottest items- the pusher is designed to fill many voids in your attachment line. A snow pusher, silage pusher, manure pusher and all around ‘front mounted box blade’. It has the potential to replace dozer blades. MDS manufactured the MDS Pusher Plus with the intention of making it easy to stock the Pusher+ and add MDS Bolt-On mounting kits as you need them. Wheel Loader models will have our Unique Bolt-on Mounting System! MDS has over 85 loader mounts available + universal bucket edge mounting kits with binders. Over 400 sold in just two years!

[zaptitle title=’Skid Steers’]
(28″ Tall x 38″ Deep)

Model #WidthWeight (lbs.)Capacity (cu. yards)

[zaptitle title=’Tractor Loader’]
(36″ Tall x 48″ Deep)

Model #WidthWeight (lbs.)Capacity (cu. yards)

[zaptitle title=’Wheel Loader’]
(48″ Tall x 60″ Deep)

Model #WidthWeight (lbs.)Capacity (cu. yards)

Features of MDS Pusher Plus:

  • Over 85 Bolt-On Mounting Kits Available
    Including Universal Bolt-On Bucket Edge Mound For Pin-On Loaders
  • High Strength Steel Mold Board Construction
  • Full Length, Adjustable Depth Skid Made Of AR 400 (Abrasion Resistant) Material
  • Choice of:
    Steel Curved Double Bevel Bolt-On Cutting Edge (1/2″ x 8″) Standard or
    Rubber Cutting Edge (1″ or 1.5″ x 10″) For Uneven Concrete Surface
  • Options:
    17″ Screen For Added Capacity & Increased Visibility
    Binder Kit For Bucket Edge Mounts
    (2) 3/8″ GR70 Chain & (2) Lever Type Load Binders With Grab Hooks



  1. Order by application (Horse Power) and width
  2. Cutting edges – choice of steel or rubber
  3. Specific Loader Mounting brackets
  4. Optional screen for added capacity and increased visibility
  5. Integrated Skid Steer Hook Up

Unit CANNOT be shipped on LTL carriers

Click Here to Download MDS Pusher Plus Spec Sheet