Sur-Lock Adapters

The MDS Sur-Lock Quick-Tach System is fully automatic system for farm loaders.

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• Change Attachments in 90 Seconds
• Fully Automatic Hookup
• Installs in Minutes

The MDS SUR-LOCK QUICK-TACH system is the first fully automatic attachment system for
farm duty loaders. Simply drive up, attach and go! The Sur-Lock aligns your attachment automatically!

In just 90 seconds, you can change’s that easy. Just reset the Sur-Lock and you’re ready
to get your pallet fork, bucket, bale stabber or whatever. Valuable time wasted trying to find connector pins,
trudging through mud and snow, aligning and realigning attachments is a thing of the past with the Sur-Lock.

The MDS SUR-LOCK QUIK-TACH system is designed to withstand harsh rugged use. The vertical
spring loaded latch system provides the Sur-Locking force required to secure your attachments.
The Sur-lock system works for you day after month after year. We know that once you’ve SUR-LOCKED
your operations, it will become an integral part of it... MDS is committed to quality. We’ve built it tough
so it won’t let you down.

The potential of your Sur-Lock is unlimited. The Sur-Lock is manufactured to fit a wide variety of
loaders to an even wider choice of attachments. If you need a special application, MDS is just a
quick phone call away.

Custom Quick-Tach Systems Require Schematic Drawing