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Professional and knowledgeable

We look forward to more opportunities next year. The entire staff at MDS has proven to be professional, efficient, competitive and very knowledgeable. Just the kind of partners we need. As a JCB dealer we need MDS as a legitimate supply to help us sell machines.    

Jim, Illinois

We like our RotoKing.

We really like our RotoKing from MDS. Rarely is something what I expect but this is what I hoped it would be. We don't have enough storage to keep square bales in stock for our customers all year long so this allows me to turn round bales into square bales for March through May until we make new. Thanks!

Joe, West Virginia

Only choice from
John Deere dealer

I was told by my John Deere dealer that the MDS bucket and grapple was far superior then anything new he could get from John Deere. And man was he right! The MDS bucket is beautiful and fits perfectly to my new John Deere loader. And the grapple is second to none. I was thinking about buying a bucket from a NW Iowa manufacturer and then thought better. Wise decision!

Larry, Southeast South Dakota

MDS was my second choice…

Never wanting to spend more than I should, I bought skid steer bucket from a manufacturer in central Minnesota after pricing an MDS bucket. I should’ve spend the extra $100 on the MDS bucket and saved me the aggravation for the “other” bucket. The “other” bucket had poor welds, bad paint and the bucket was very thin. I saved that one for the wife's gardening and bought an MDS one for the serious work. I will never second guess an MDS purchase ever again.

Ole, Northern Minnesota

Keeping my attachments...

I recently traded my JD 740 SL Loader in for a new JD H360 Loader. I had quite a bit of money invested in 740 attachments and didn’t really want to spend more money for H360 attachments. The MDS staff helped me with an Adapt-A-Tach (Classic-tach) to help me pick up my 740 attachments. I had no idea this was possible until I saw their ad in the Fastline.

Steve, Western Nebraska

Easily adjustable...

I bought an MDS grapple attachment through my local dealer and had them install it on my Bobcat skid steer. I called to complain to MDS that the grapple didn’t close all the way and I was losing material when hauling. Come to find out the dealer didn’t adjust the grapple properly. With a few turns on the clevis at the end of the cylinder I was good to go. The guys at MDS were very helpful when I called.

Stan, Northwest Iowa

Knows when to say no…

I was wanting to put a new bucket on my New Holland skid steer and had heard good things about the MDS Replacement Buckets. I was thinking about an 8 foot high volume for my skid steer but my mind was changed right away by the guys at MDS. They know the capabilities of my machine and recommended a size that would match up better. Probably buying another bucket for my new skid soon!

Curt, Eastern Colorado

Only slight modifications...

I recently purchased a loader at a local auction and need a grapple for the bucket. I remember seeing the MDS Retrofit Grapple at a farm show last summer and thinking it would be easy to install, and it was with very minimal modifications. Not only does it work well but it looks like it was made just for my loader.

Tim, Southern Wisconsin

They warned me...

The guys at MDS warned me that I’d like my Rock Badger so much that I’d be disappointed when the job was finished. And I was. Not only is the Rock Badger an easy and effective way to pluck boulders out of the ground, but it’s a huge stress reliever as well. Not to mention fun!

Bart, Central South Dakota

Must see firsthand...

I have seen the MDS Rock Bucket in ads and on their website. But until you see the unit first hand, you have no idea on how well these buckets are built. I have a 6 foot with a grapple and I am impressed with the capacity I add to my skid steer. The MDS Rock Bucket is the KING of rock buckets.

Jerry, Western Minnesota
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