For years, the wheel loader industry has asked for better options for complete buckets and grapples. MDS® has delivered. Gone are the days of taking a bucket to a “will-fitter” for an aftermarket grapple configuration that has proven to be clumsy and heavy.

Initial sizes, after numerous visits with dealers and end-users will be buckets in the 102’’ and 108’’ widths with cubic yard capacity ranging from 2.2 to 5.7 heaped. These buckets will be offered for CAT Fusion, CAT IT, JRB500, JRB600, JCB Q-Fit and Volvo couplers. More options are bound to be introduced as the market drives the need. All buckets manufactured and sold will be “grapple ready” to accept a 4-Tine or 5-Tine newly designed grapple assembly that boasts a full 90’’ opening. The Intimidator™ grapple assembly is not available as an “add-on” to existing bucket brands. It is only available for the Intimidator™ bucket by MDS®. Also offered will be the Stucchi brand of multi-couplers for easy on/off hydraulics. This brand new line of buckets and grapples is available from MDS Wheel Loader and Telehandler dealers exclusively.

Please know that the MDS Intimidator Grapple shown in this brochure is for the MDS Intimidator Bucket only. It is not meant to retrofit on to other brands of buckets and is not offered for sale without an MDS Intimidator Bucket. View the book below or download the PDF. To view specifications click here. Please click here for the photo gallery and click here for a video demonstration. Please know that some of the pictures and videos were taken prior to painting the bucket and grapple.

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