Profile C – High volume and grapple ready – for modern loaders with Euro-Global coupler

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High Volume Buckets - Profile "C" - Grapple Ready - For Modern Loaders with Euro/Global CouplerItem NumberWeight
96'' - 2.0yd³ Struck - 2.4yd³ Heaped5220-80-2001375
102'' - 2.2yd³ Struck - 2.65yd³ Heaped5220-85-2201425
108'' - 2.4yd³ Struck - 2.9yd³ Heaped5220-90-2401500
¾" x 8" Bolt On Cutting EdgesItem NumberWeight
96'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-348-96150
102'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-348-102175
108'' double bevel reversible cutting edgeDBF-348-108175
Optional Grapple Assembly for all Profile "C" BucketsItem NumberWeight
4-Tine Grapple AssemblyGFHV-200-4900
5-Tine Grapple AssemblyGFHV-200-5925
Factory Grapple Installationn/a
Available in MDS Black, John Deere Green and Kubota Orange
Go to Optional Hose Kits (from attachment to loader)
Dealer will be required to submit a signed waiver for all oversized buckets.